Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter (SROAT 1000i):

Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter is an best solution for water flow measurements in immense diameter pipes. Most reasonably priced compared to its counterpart in full bore dimension or ultrasonic measurement.

Fairly good accuracy of measurement (typical 1% of flow rate) can be achieved with little care in installation of probe and transmitter. The electric conductivity of liquid under measurement can be as low as 20 micro Siemens /cm. Being insertion type there is virtually no pressure loss. Most economical as compared to its counterpart in full bore measurement or ultrasonic measurement.

The technique called as “Pulsed DC” is used which offers very high zero stability and accuracy of measurement. The standard current output of 4-20 mA DC is provided which is linearly proportional to volumetric flow rate.

Key Features of SROAT 1000i – Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter:

  • Available for different line sizes from 200 mm to 2000 mm.
  • Typical accuracy of ± 1% (Best accuracy in it’s class)Measurement results are independent of density, viscosity ,Pressure, temperature, solid impurities & conductivityVariations (above 5 µS/cm).
  • Excellent long term stability using pulsed DC magnetization& auto zero technique.
  • Best suited for irrigation and water supply departments,public service and utility departments.