Sanitary Grade Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The Series SG-Sroat of Electromagnetic Flow meter is particularly designed for Food and Drug Industries. It is used for measurement of meals liquid mediums like Milk, Cream, Fruit Juices, Pharmaceutical liquids and so on. It is to be had with crucial or isolated version of transmitter. The transmitter may have integrated or far flung totalizer display. Suitable end connections of SMS Union or Tri-clover Clamp are given as in keeping with consumer’s necessities.


  • Full stainless steel construction with PTFE Liner.
  • The transmitter can have built-in or remote totaliser display.
  • Suitable for any type of Dairy Fluids like milk, cream etc,Also suitable for Pharma liquids, juices of various fruits.
  • Available in two types of end connections;SMS or DIN Union and Tri-Clover clamps.
  • Sizes available from DN25 to DN100.
  • Lower Sizes on Request.
  • Highly Accurate and Linear.
  • Isolated Analog and digital Output.