Liquid Level Content Gauges

Seetru liquid level gauges are primarily of two types, sight gauges and magnetic float by-pass gauges. Many of the gauges are direct reading though most have optional electronic remote reading systems and computer interfaces. The range includes the Quickmount, Seemag and CPI gauges for industrial and chemical applications and the Seeflex and Seemag for marine applications.

Visual Indicator Sensor Series

Madison continuous level visual indicator sensors provide simple and economical liquid level indication where no electrical power is available. They are ideal for use in 30 and 55 gallon remote and mobile storage tanks.

Sight Glasses

Seetru circular window sight glasses are compact low cost assemblies that provide reliable level indication and positive indication when liquid is present. These screw-in plugs are fitted with high quality glass. They are suitable for a wide variety of liquids including water, oils and lubricants. They operate at temperatures up to 180°C and pressures up to 24 bar g. Seetru Circular Window Sight Glasses are, for example, widely used in small chemical storage tanks, compressor crank cases and other machine housings and have proved to be highly reliable and economic.

Magnetic Level Indicator

Magnetic level indicators combine up to three functions in a single unit: display, switch and transmitter. The display, which can be read from great distances, works without energy and, due to the physical law of liquids in communicating vessels, in a forced manner. A separate permanent magnet is integrated into each leaf of the display. The display leaves are thereby magnetically coupled and stabilised in their position. Together with the dampening field of the magnetic guide tape, a clear level display is guaranteed, even under difficult operating conditions (for example, level change, vibrations). Standard materials are 316/316L 1.4435/1.4404, austenitic stainless steel of the Group A4. Other steels, alloys and plastics offer a high flexibility in the choice of materials. Operational pressures from vacuum to 500 bar, liquid densities > 0.3 g/cm³ as well as a temperature range from 77K to 673K (-196°C to 400°C) allow use in applications for cryogenic liquefied gases, as well as in water hydraulics and in steam boilers.