RF Admittance Level Switch - Series 100

Delta Controls' Series 100 Capacitance Probe Level Switches are a combination of Radio Frequency/Admittance and Pulse Wave technology. These instruments are used to measure the height of liquids, interfaces, and solids. Output from these instruments produce alarms, on/off control action, level indication, 4-20 mADC signals, or combinations of these functions. The size and type of probe required is dependent on the tank configuration, type of material to be sensed, and the output functions needed.

Vibrating Fork Level Switch - VTKR

The VTKR with a small robust aluminum housing (G1) comes standard with a universal power supply: 24Vdc or 85 to 264Vac. It is an ideal solution for point level detection of liquids, regardless of the conductivity or dielectric of the product. The G1 Aluminum housing can also be ordered with an acrylic window for active viewing of level status without having to remove the housing cover. All models are made in 316 Stainless Steel, can be ordered with a great variety of threaded, flange, or hygienic fittings, are available with Halar or epoxy coatings and can operate at temperatures up to 120ºC (248ºF). The VTKR also features a time delay adjustment of 1, 5, 10 or 20 seconds as well as a Wet/Dry selection for both High and Low level application requirements.

Conductivity Level Switch

The CN series with aluminum housings (85-230Vac only) offer up to two active rods and one reference rod to control the level of all conductive mediums. The built-in electronics of the CN Series also offers adjustable sensitivity and time delay adjustment. Because the electronics/relay is mounted within the housing, the use of a remote controller is not necessary. Models are available with either rigid rods, removable rods or pendular electrodes. For applications with heavy vapor, aggressive media or a product that tends to stick to or accumulate on the rods, Sitron recommends that the rods should be Halar coated.

Capacitive Level Switch - SC750U

The SC750U features a Universal Power Supply with a large aluminum housing (G2) as well as an integrated sensibility adjustment and time delay up to 20 seconds. This unit is an ideal solution for point level detection of a wide variety of liquid and solid mediums. Standard configuration features a PTFE sensing tip and 316SS threaded, flanged or sanitary process connection. For top mounted applications, the SC750U can also be ordered with extended 316SS rod length up to 3 meters.

Optical Level Switch - OPT Series

Madison Company offers an extensive line of standard and custom optical liquid level sensors for use in clean liquids. These compact optical sensors are ideal to switch digital outputs or small switched electrical loads and can be used as an optical sensor in single-point detection switch systems to detect the presence or absence of a liquid level. Highly accurate liquid switch points in a small package! These compact optical switches incorporate a phototransistor that provides a switch output indicating the presence or absence of liquid. The Polysulphone or Crystal sensor tip houses the phototransistor in a form that provides highly relia-ble and repeatable performance in compact sensor designs. Optical sensor housings are offered in both metal and plastic with various mounting configurations and sensor output options. Choose from our standard optical sensor part numbers, and Madison Company will provide you with a very cost-effective solution for those level indication applications where high reliability, ease of installation and maintenance-free performance are desired.

ABM300 Non-invasive / Non-Contact Ultrasonic Level Switch

The ABM300 Ultrasonic Level Switch emits a short burst of ultrasonic energy. The energy is coupled through a rubber membrane to the tank causing the tank to vibrate. The tank vibrations are detected and analysed by the Switch. Based on the vibration patterns the Switch is able to detect the presence or absence of liquid inside the tank, and directly opposite the Level Switch